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Toronto Drafting Company is an architectural drafting and building measurement business, specializing in the creation of "As-Built" architectural floor plans, elevations and site plans.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality product available, with the fastest turn around time.

We focus on the getting the drawings right and not on the extra up-sells. The drafting is performed directly on-site and callbacks are non-existent. We are fully insured and our clients know they can trust us for quality work and reliable service.

Whether it's a 500 sqft apartment or a 500,000 sqft warehouse, we can get you what you need in the time frame you have.

Planning a Renovation?

The critical first step in any major renovation project is to obtain "as-built" existing drawings of your building. Most Building Permit applications require some type of floor plan, exterior elevation or site plan for submittal. We will save you both time and money by creating the drawings for you directly rather than going through your architect or general contractor, who will likely farm out the drawings to a company like ours anyways. Getting drawings of your own gives you the freedom and power to assess your project before committing to a consultant. We can provide everything you need to get started with a designer, or we can work alongside your designer to customize your requirements.

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We Measure and Draft with Precision and Experience

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Residential Drawings

Houses are our bread and butter. The drawings that we create are some of the most accurate and detailed as-built plans you will ever see, and speed is not compromised. Our in-depth knowledge of building structures and vast site experience allows us to breeze through most buildings.

Our most common services for residential work include:

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Realtor Floor Plans

We create floor plans for use in marketing your listing. Unlike some other services, all of our drawings are to scale, so they can also be used for planning purposes, which is very helpful to potential buyers. Bring us on board your team!


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Commercial And Industrial Buildings

In addition to residential drawings, we also offer the same high quality drawings for larger and more complex spaces. We possess the technical skill and experience necessary to navigate and accurately document the details of the following types of buildings:


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Enhanced Floor Plan Details

It is always cost effective to include those extra details that you may want added, to minimize future work and avoid costly site returns.

For additional fees, we can add on the following details to any floor plans:


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We have solutions for all of your drafting needs.

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Speciality Projects

We can help you figure things out that are easier done using CAD software.  

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General CAD Assistance

Need a file converted from Sketchup to AutoCAD? We can help. Need your sketches transferred to electronic format, to scale? We can help.

Our hourly service rates are very reasonable.


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